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Tactical pen with hidden tip

Product Code: OUT30
Minimal order: 50 pcs

The tactical pen, which hides the tip inside, is the perfect combination of a kubotan and a ballpoint pen. It is a very inconspicuous self-defense tool that you can always have on hand without attracting unnecessary attention from others. The pen is made of very durable duralumin 6061, which is used in products where strength and durability are emphasized, e.g. in the manufacture of aircraft. In addition, the surface is refined with a special type of surface treatment, the so-called puncture-resistant anodizing. In the cap of the pen, there is a ground hard metal, which can be used to break the surface of the glass even with a weak blow. Furthermore, there is a clip on the cap that allows you to attach the pen to your breast pocket. The pen refill is replaceable.

Product suitable for logo placement.


  • a discreet defense in the form of a ballpoint pen
  • the end cap is used to break glass
  • even a not very strong blow will reliably disturb the surface of the glass
  • made of durable duralumin
  • the surface of the pen is refined by anodizing
  • ergonomic shape with distinct knurling
  • clip on cap
  • replaceable blue refill
  • color design: titanium
  • color: gray or black
  • length 155 mm
  • diameter 14 mm
  • weight: 45.6 g


Tactical pen with hidden tip