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Video brochures

Video brochures are an untraditional helper for use in areas such as brand launching or rebranding, new product presentations, festive occasions and gala dinners, as well as an original thank-you to clients and partners in digital form. It is also widely used for development projects, pharmaceutical demonstrations, or medical device presentations, training or education, real estate presentations, and of course, business opportunities.

We produce VIDEO BROCHURE ONLY, the minimum quantity for ordering is 30 pcs.

We will lend you samples of our realizations for free to show clients or colleagues.

Examples of our realizations


Product description

  • Built-in slim 1.8 “, 2.4”, 3.5 “, 4.3”, 7 “or 10.9” LCD screen, 4: 3 or 16: 9
  • Audio output
  • Full color printing
  • Ability to automatically launch uploaded content when opening a booklet
  • Controls which can control video startup
  • Built-in memory from 128 MB to 8 GB
  • Video brochure format from A7 to A4
  • Includes mini USB cable to change content and charge battery

Video Properties

  • The best option is the H.264 codec in *.mp4 format or multimedia container *.avi format
  • Resolution 1280 × 720 (HD – 16: 9 format)
  • Bitrate 8-12 Mbps
  • FPS 24 or 23,976
  • Progressive scan


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