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About us

ITgifts belongs to the business group DISKUS spol. s r.o. with offices in Prague, Ostrava and Bratislava.

ITgifts – Smart promotional items for everyone

We offer a wide portfolio of products suitable for advertising purposes. Our specialization is production according to customer’s demand. The product portfolio is constantly expanding with news and trends in IT products.

DISKUS distribution

DISKUS, spol. has been operating on the Czech market for more than 30 years. Originally a small company dedicated to the distribution of portable storage media, it has transformed itself into a multibrand distributor of leading IT brands of the world’s manufacturers. The company’s portfolio include IT accessories and consumer electronics. The company’s main asset is the logistics, foreign trade experience and long-term business contacts with major global suppliers. In business, we consistently support environmental principles and encourage the recycling of all technical waste.

DISKUS Datamedia & Storage

In addition to the distribution of data media, we also provide a number of related services. These include degaussing – safe and permanent data erasure, destruction of data media, data rescue and tagging of data tapes.