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Privacy Policy

An overview of the main principles applied by the corporation DISKUS, spol. s r.o. in protecting personal data.  For further information, refer to the General Terms and Conditions, section VII, pertaining to personal data protection.

  1. Who processes your data? 

The business corporation DISKUS, spol. s r.o., having its registered office at Kunětická 2534/2, 120 00 Prague 2, ID No.: 411 95 183, TIN: CZ41195183, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, entry 4503.

  1. How do we process your personal information?

On its website, DISKUS, spol. s r.o. publishes not only information about the products and services it offers, but also information about our company’s contact details, basic information about our company, job offers, etc.  All this information is available without us requesting any personal data from visitors to our website.  The following exceptions apply:

  1. Access to sales systems (www.diskus.cz and www.itreklama.cz), which is only available to registered visitors to our website. In that case, visitors are requested to enter their log-in details when accessing the system, on the basis of which their identity is authenticated and access permitted.  This data is collected until such time as the customer himself requests, by e-mail or in writing, deletion of his data from our database.  The provision of data is a mandatory condition for registration and for purchasing goods, and takes place via contact with our sales staff (by e-mail, telephone, or in person) or in the form of the completion of our registration form at www.diskus.cz/registrovat or itreklama.cz/registrovat-se/.  By taking this step, you voluntarily agree to the processing of such data.
  2. Use of request forms and technical support forms at diskus.cz , www.itreklama.cz, www.itgifts.eu, www.itreklama.sk, www.technaxx.cz, www.dataprofi.cz, www.aftershokz.cz, www.thehouseofmarley.cz and www.plantro.cz.

We only process the personal data you provide to us in connection with the use of our services (e.g., within the framework of a purchase order, offer, warranty / post-warranty claim / technical support) and the execution of a commercial transaction.

The following data is collected: invoicing information (name, surname, address, bank details), delivery address (name, surname, address), contact person (name, surname), telephone number, e-mail address.

Furthermore, we use Google Analytics third-party cookies on our website in order to analyse the traffic on specific pages.  Those cookies are managed by third parties and DISKUS does not have access for reading or recording such data.  We only view Google Analytics traffic analyses and do not process the information obtained.  For more information, refer to the section Cookies and their use.

  1. Cookies and their use

Cookies as small data files thanks to which a website visited by remembers the actions and settings of each user that visited them, so that the information does not have to be entered repeatedly.  Cookie files are saved in a user’s computer through his web browser.  Cookies do not pose a threat, they are not used for obtaining any sensitive personal details, they are, however, important for protecting users’ privacy.  

We do not use cookies on our website with the exception of website traffic analysis through Google Analytics.  These third-party cookies are only used for analysing the traffic on a specific website or the use of a specific service.  the cookies are managed by third parties and DISKUS does not have access for reading or recording such data.

You as a user can refuse the use of coolies.  If the use of cookies is permitted in your browser, we will proceed on the assumption that you agree to the use of standard Google Analytics cookies.

  1. Why do we process your personal data?

The main reason why we process your personal data is the execution of sales transactions and delivery of goods.  We also use them for customised offers of products and services.

Furthermore, we use your data for the following purposes:

  • Improving the quality of our existing services and developing new ones;
  • Conducting analyses and measurements in order to find out how our products and services are used;
  • Increasing the security of your personal data;
  • Sending commercial communications and our newsletter, including an offer of products and services (you can unsubscribe from commercial communications by e-mail at marketing@diskus.cz for the www.diskus.cz system and at marketing@itreklama.cz for the www.itreklama.cz system).
  1. Who will have access to your data?

Your data is safe with us.  Only responsible employees of DISKUS, spol. s r.o. will have access to them, and our contractual partners who take care of the operation and support of our company’s information systems.  We choose our contractual partners carefully on the basis of their ability to provide such technical and organisational security for your data that no unauthorised or random access to your data or their other abuse may occur.

Third parties that may have access to your personal data:

  • SmartSelling a.s. – DISKUS, spol. s r.o. uses the smartemailing.cz service for sending out newsletters;
  • External administrators and providers of IT support systems.

Subject to certain precisely defined conditions, we are obliged to provide some of your personal data on the basis of applicable legislation for example to the Czech Police or other law-enforcement authorities, including specialised departments (the Unit for Exposing Organised Crime, Customs Administration, etc.), and other public administration authorities.

In order to fulfil our contractual relationship concerning the delivery of goods and of the consent you have granted to us, we can pass information about your mailing address, including your e-mail address and telephone number, to our contractual carrier.

  1. How is my personal data secured?

All of the personal data you provide to us is secured using standard procedures and technologies.  It is objectively impossible to guarantee complete security of your personal data.  For that reason, it is not possible to fully ensure that no third party may get access to your personal data, that it cannot be copied, disclosed, altered, or destroyed due to a violation of our security measures.

Nevertheless, we assure you in this context that we regularly check for any weak spots in the system and whether it has not been subject to attack, employing such security measures as to ensure that, to the extent possible, no unauthorised access to your personal data occur; with a view to the current state of the art in such technologies, these measures provide sufficient security.  The security measures employed are regularly updated.

In order to better secure your personal data in our sales systems www.diskus.cz, www.itreklama.cz, www.itgifts.eu, and www.itreklama.sk, access to that data is password-protected and during transmission between your browser and our website, the data is encrypted.

We are, however, unable to ensure full security of your data without your assistance and responsible conduct.  Please help us ensure the security of your data by keeping your unique passwords and other access data to our services confidential and adhere to basis security principles.

  1. How long will we process your personal data?

As concerns sales transactions that have already been executed, we will process your data on the basis of your consent and our statutory obligations for a period of 10 years.

Data obtained in the course of registration and gaining access to our www.diskus.cz and www.itreklama.cz sales systems are collected until such time as the customer requests by e-mail or in writing the deletion of his data from our database.  The provision of data is a necessary condition for registration and for purchasing goods and take place in the course of contact with our sales representative (e-mail, telephone) or by completing a registration form at www.diskus.cz/registrovat or www.itreklama.cz/registrovat-se/.

The data obtained through the use of a request form for products at www.itreklama.cz, www.itgifts.eu, www.itreklama.sk will be kept by use for the period required for processing the sales offer.  Subsequently, the data is deleted from sales systems.

We only process personal data in contact forms for technical assistance and request forms at technaxx.cz/technicka-podpora/, dataprofi.cz/technicka-podpora/, dataprofi.cz – non-binding query, www.itgifts.eu/contact/, thehouseofmarley.cz/technicka-podpora/, aftershokz.cz/technicka-podpora/, and in product detail at www.diskus.cz, in the e-mail system of DISKUS, spol. s r.o., and once the case is resolved, the communication is deleted on a regular basis.

  1. How and when can you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data?

Your voluntary consent to the processing of your personal data given upon registration may be withdrawn at any time free of charge, by sending an e-mail message to: gdpr@diskus.cz.  The withdrawal of your consent does not prejudice the possibility of continued processing of your data on the basis of your consent given prior to its withdrawal.  The withdrawal of your consent will also not prejudice the processing of personal data that is processed by us on legal grounds other than your consent (i.e., in particular, processing required for the performance of a contract, a legal obligation, or other reasons set out in applicable legal regulations).

  1. What rights do you have in connection with the protection of your personal data?

You have the following main rights in relation to your personal data:

      • The right to withdraw your consent at any time;
      • The right to rectify or supplement your personal data;
      • The right to request restriction of processing;
      • Right to object and to lodge a complaint against processing in certain cases;
      • Right to demand data portability;
      • Right of access to personal data;
      • Right to be informed about personal data breaches in certain cases;
      • Right to erasure of personal data (right to “be forgotten”) in certain cases;
      • Other rights stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act and in the General Data Protection Regulation, No. 2016/679, once it takes effect.
  1. What does your right to raise an objection mean?

If you no longer wish to receive commercial communications from us from time to time or other information about new products and services in our portfolio, you can raise an objection to the further processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.  If you do so, we will no longer process your data for that reason and will not send you any more commercial communications or newsletters.

For more information about this right, see, in particular, Article 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679.

To unsubscribe from commercial communication, please send an e-mail to marketing@diskus.cz for the www.diskus.cz system or to marketing@itreklama.cz for the system www.itreklama.cz system.

  1. How can you contact us?

Should you have any questions with respect to personal data protection or should you wish to withdraw your consent to the further processing of your personal data, please use our e-mail address for communication gdpr@diskus.cz or contact us in writing at: DISKUS, spol. s r.o., Sokolovská 154, 180 00 Prague 8, to the attention of the data protection officer.

In this context, we would like to inform you that we may ask you to credibly document your identity to us so that we may verify who you are.  This is a preventative security measure aimed at preventing unauthorised persons from accessing your personal data.  In order to increase the quality of our services and to keep a record of our compliance with obligations arising from the law, all our communication with you is monitored.