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Wireless LED charger

Product Code: CHARGER08

Light up your logo with this LED charger. The wireless charger lets you charge mobile phones with Qi – Just put the phone on the charger. For phones that do not support this feature, an Android / iPhone receiver can be used. This type of charger can also be used for the classic charging of multiple devices at once with the built-in USB hub.



  • Input : DC 5V 1A
  • Qi (wireless) output: 5V 1A
  • Output: 4x DC 5V 1A


Qi technology

Qi is the standard for wireless charging by electrical induction. Qi consists of power pads and compatible devices for which electrical power can be inductively transmitted. This is a very smart solution for charging your smartphone. After charging your device, Qi itself recognizes that the device is already charged, reducing its power to a minimum to save electricity. If your phone does not have built-in wireless charging, it is possible to purchase an Android or iOS-based receiver that is mounted under its cover to allow for a compatible device.

Wireless LED charger