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Power Crystal 4000mAh

Product Code: PB043

We would like to introduce you to another slim power bank, which is available in two capacities. Thanks to its white body, it can be printed in full color. Another possibility to capture in its category is that it offers a glass part at the end of the power bank, where it is possible to scroll the 2D backlit LED logo. Combining full-color printing and LED logos, this power bank is original and distinct from others in the offer.


Dimensions 99 x 55 x 8,5 mm (3 000 mAh)

125 x 58 x 9 mm (4 000 mAh)

DC5V/800 mA
Output DC5V/1000 mA



Material: plastic
Print: laser, pad print
Capacity: 3000 mAh, 4000 mAh
Power Crystal 4000mAh